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Be Joyful and Lucky
      Using Astrology

Astrology is the key to learning what secret flow is possible in our lives. It points to an underlying force that we can tap into. However, astrological charts can be interpreted in many ways. Natal vs. progressed vs. transit charts, western versus Vedic, one house system versus another, etc. Each interpretation gives us a different slant on what influence the stars have on our lives.

 Positively! Davie Pfaffle has a unique approach in that his emphasis is on interpreting the charts of each individual to stress the positive Ė what is easy and possible for that particular person. Rather than stating negative traits or tendencies, Davie focuses on moving in a direction of excitement, contentment and success. 

 Expect Aspect Answers! In a positive manner, Davie uses interpretations of the planets in the natal chart to determine the most positive aspect in a personís chart. This focus on aspects is valid in any system of astrology and is the subject of a new book to be published in 2012.

 Lucky, Lucky Me! The planet, Jupiter, is a planet of joy and luck since it is the planet of expansion. By each of us finding our Jupiter sign and focusing on its key words and taking appropriate action we can also expand in our hopefulness, joy and success.  The chart to the left will find your Jupiter sign, and Davieís book gives a full explanation.


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Davie Pfaffle is a unique astrologer in that he focuses on one aspect of astrology and works with it to provide an  astro-logical tool that we can use daily as a practice to improve our own lives.

 At least twice now I have used the tools he has offered and made huge leaps of transformational growth in my life.

I wholeheartedly recommend him to all for an astrological transmission of the tools he has worked diligently to bring in his life and as his gift to offer the world now in these times of change.

-Gregory LeBaron
Aptos, CA

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